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4 Fundraising Apps for Small Non-Profit Community Organisations in Australia

Updated: Feb 11

In today's digital age, small non-profit community organisations in Australia have access to a diverse array of user-friendly fundraising apps tailored to help raise funds for their crucial causes. These platforms offer a convenient means to collect donations, manage campaigns, and track progress effectively. This blog post delves into four such fundraising apps designed specifically for small non-profit community organisations in Australia, empowering them to reach a broader audience and raise more funds than ever before.

Raisely stands out as an excellent fundraising option, providing a user-friendly platform for individuals and organizations alike. With its customisable features, Raisely allows users to effortlessly create compelling fundraising campaigns tailored to various causes, from charitable endeavors to personal initiatives. The platform facilitates secure donation collection, supports peer-to-peer fundraising, and encourages engagement with supporters. Its adaptability and focus on user customisation make Raisely a versatile choice for those looking to amplify their fundraising impact.

Shout for Good, an Australian fundraising app, enables organisations to create campaigns seamlessly. Share campaigns via social media, email, or SMS, and collect donations directly through the platform. Shout boasts a user-friendly interface with 0% commission fees, integrating giving into everyday activities. As part of ANZ's strategy, Shout connects people and communities to their cherished causes through trusted fundraising solutions.

GiveEasy, another Australian fundraising platform, allows the creation of custom donation pages. With features like event management, peer-to-peer fundraising, and data analytics, it ensures a comprehensive fundraising experience. The platform charges a 5.5% fee on each donation, covering processing fees and platform costs. GiveEasy facilitates user-friendly interactions for donors, making it a valuable tool for organisations.

MyCause, an Australian crowdfunding platform, empowers organisations to create impactful fundraising campaigns. Utilise your MyCause account to share campaigns via social media, email, or SMS, collecting donations directly through the platform. MyCause charges a 5% commission on each donation, along with a 1.1% processing fee. These fees contribute to the platform's user-friendly features and secure credit card processing.

This selection of fundraising apps is just a glimpse of the many available options for organisations striving to achieve their fundraising goals. By utilising these apps, organisations can not only streamline their fundraising efforts and engage supporters effectively but also create a more significant impact within their communities.

Before embracing any fundraising app or platform, non-profit community organisations in Australia must prioritise appropriate governance, monitoring, and policies. This encompasses understanding legal and ethical fundraising guidelines, ensuring responsible fund utilisation and accountability, and establishing robust record-keeping and reporting mechanisms.

Additionally, it is crucial to review the terms and conditions of any fundraising app or platform meticulously, ensuring alignment with the organisation's values and mission. While fundraising apps can be powerful tools for non-profit community organisations, responsible use and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations are imperative.

To delve deeper into your obligations and compliance, please refer to this resource from NFP Law.

Photo credit: Photo by Liza Marcus on Pexel.


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