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Welcome to Samuham Media. We are an all-inclusive service for Australian not-for-profit and community organisations. We offer several services, including Grant Writing, Media Training, Strategy Development and long-term virtual assistance for your operational needs.

Our Grant Writing Services help your organisation meet its demanding finances through official channels. We have professional grant writers familiar with the Australian grant system who can help your non-profit get the funding it needs on time.

First, we determine what grants your organisation is eligible to receive. We will find and help you fill out all the necessary forms. We can offer advice through our Strategy Development branch to work out the fundraising and budget plans for the future.

This is your cause, community and mission, so we want to do this your way. 

Book a free consultation online or contact us at 0456 130 666.


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Working with a Grant Writer will give your organisation a better chance at a successful application.

We will:

  • provide objective advice on whether your organisation meets the eligibility requirements of a grant.

  • guide on additional documents for a comprehensive application.

  • adhere to complex grant application instructions on your behalf.


Working with an Operational and Strategic Consultant will help ensure the future viability of your organisation. 

​Work with us to produce:

  • business plans

  • fundraising strategies

  • marketing strategies

  • strategic plans

  • operational plans 

  • budget forecasts

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Clear and consistent communication is vital for your message to reach the right audience. Today, not-for-profits and community organisations have a range of tools at their fingertips. 

​We provide individual and group training for:

  • presenting to the camera

  • speaking to an interviewer

  • writing an effective speech or presentation

  • how to create effective video or audio content


Virtual assistants are an excellent way to free up time focus on the strategic priorities of your organisation.

VAs can support in areas of:

  • daily administrative tasks

  • social media posts

  • arranging and running online meetings

and many other tasks based on your needs.

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This podcast series spotlights individuals and organisations making the world a kinder and more open place to live in. 



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