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I am an experienced Project Manager and Grant Writer focusing on strategy and operations. I have performed senior roles in the media and non-profit sectors. I firmly believe everyone should have the same opportunities to realise their potential.

I will work with you to ensure that your proposals and projects are cost-effective, sustainable, and, more importantly, lay a solid foundation for you to grow.

I am based in Sydney, NSW, and work with clients across Australia​

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FRRR - Strengthening Rural Communities Grant Application

Client: Cobargo Wellness Group

Amount: $18,500

Type of grant: Project funding

The Cobargo Wellness Group (CWG) is a non-profit organisation that supports individuals and communities to thrive beyond crises. They provide emotional and physical support to renew communities through individual support and creative community projects, groups and events.

The application was to stage six additional shows and workshops to reach additional 2400 community members in bushfire affected areas - Nambucca, Coffs Harbour and Hawkesbury.

Geelong Community Foundation

Client: Healthy Minds Geelong

Amount: $10,500

Type of grant: Project funding

Healthy Minds Geelong is an resource website providing up to date information on local mental health support services and access to local events focused on normalising mental health for Geelong residents.

The project was to do service mapping to build a mental health hub website, to build a reliable, up to date resource for the community.

FRRR Investing in Not-for-profit Capacity Building in Regional NSW

Client: MidCoast Outreach

Amount: $34,000

Type of grant: Operational funding

MCO provides community support and relief for the Mid Coast LGA region, through food relief, free counselling sessions, referral services and a guidance service to recovery. They work with rural and remote families and individuals who have been impacted by the bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic. Their office is a drop in centre for the homeless and vulnerable, where we provide refreshments and internet services.

The grant was to build out their organisational capacity to hire one full time staff member, establish office IT infrastructure, and raise their profile to grow their reach and impact through a marketing campaign.

Community Crime Prevention - Youth Engagement Grant

Client: Multicultural Youth Support Services 

Amount: $50,000

Type of grant: Project funding

MYSS builds resilience in young people and their families from marginalised African communities. We connect
people and deliver practical and culturally appropriate services to strengthen a sense of belonging and achieve
positive outcomes for families. They run homework Clubs, counselling sessions, sports activities and job pathways.

The project funding was for an After Hours Program that provides a place for African youth and their parents to connect and learn with their peers, and community members through the homework club, basketball lessons
and parents' support network.

ACT Government - Technology Upgrade Fund

Client: Sierra Leonean Community in Canberra (SLCC) Australia Capital Territory and Regions Incorporated 

Amount: $6,777

Type of grant: Project funding

Sierra Leonean Community in Canberra and Regions ACT Inc (SLCCRACT) is the leading community group for Sierra Leonean Australians and migrants, supporting around 350 community members.

The grant was to improve the IT capability of the organisation by building a website and purchasing IT equipment.​

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